2016 Community Based Big Brother of the Year

IMG_3982.JPGBig Brother Bill and Little Brother Alex have been matched in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program for a little over three years.

“Alex has been such a blessing in my life. I can’t imagine not being his Big Brother. It’s been great because it’s almost like being a kid again. There are lots of things I would never have experienced like going to a variety of movies and Monster Truck competitions and learning about Star Wars. My wife and I never had children.” commented Bill.

Bill was concerned before they met because Alex was a child with challenges. He commented  “The first activity we did together was bowling. After twenty minutes I knew he was the child I wanted to mentor. I have to admit, this positive experience has changed my perspectives on stereotypes of children with disabilities. Alex is a great kid.  I’ve learned to set boundaries and guidelines and we get along just fine.”

When Bill and Alex get together they talk about not using drugs, being around the right people, manners and learning to respect others. One time they talked for two hours at Wendy’s restaurant when Bill explained everything you want to know and more about football.

Alex does not have a strong male role model in his life. Bill has been able to provide support, friendship and guidance. Alex’s homework has improved and so has his attitude. 

Bill commented,“Of course we have had our share of ups and down but now there are many more smiles and happy times.  I am amazed to see him starting to mature. When we first met, I could not imagine Alex going to college. Now, that is one of his goals and I am here to make sure it happens.”  

Alex told Bill that he wants to be friends for life. Bill told Alex that he wouldn’t want it any other way.