New Chapter in the Legendary Rocky Story Inspires National Mentorship Effort

CREED_SOCIALGRAPHIC_FINAL.JPG“Creed” and Big Brothers Big Sisters Encourage Adults to Define Their Legacy

 A new chapter in the iconic Rocky story, Creed, opens in theaters on November 25 and will champion a national call for mentors with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Highlighting the film’s focus on mentorship and legacy, the partnership with Warner Bros. Entertainment will launch with a call for adults to become mentors through a “Define your legacy” campaign.

In Creed, Rocky’s role takes place outside the ring as he trains and mentors the son of a former opponent, Apollo Creed. This partnership draws several parallels to the concept of legacy as seen through the legacy of Rocky, the legacy that Adonis creates for himself and most importantly, the legacy audiences can create by becoming a Big Brother or Big Sister. 

“Everyone has the power to define their own legacy and helping a child in need is a big first step,” said Lise Day, president and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters. “Every child deserves a mentor that will champion their confidence and future.”  

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