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The Big Speakers Bureau

One-to-one matches between Bigs and Littles truly empower youth and strengthen communities. Each match between a Big  and a Little is special. Each has its first match meeting, its own obstacles to overcome, and ultimately its own outcomes and impact.

Our Bigs & Littles are passionate, knowledgeable, and personally invested advocates in our mission to change children’s lives. Collectively, they deliver messages of inspiration and motivation. Scroll down to read about our Bigs and Littles and to request one of them for your upcoming event.


Big Brother Zach
& Little Brother Hunter

Zach has been a member of the United States Air Force since 2009 and was introduced to Little Brother Hunter in November of 2011. During his match relationship, he was deployed twice for 6 months at a time; first to Asia in 2013 and most recently to Afghanistan in 2018. During his deployments, he found a way to keep in touch with Hunter, even finding a way and the time to call him on Skype to check in on him after the sudden passing of his grandmother just this summer.

Hunter’s mom says Zach has been a lifesaver. Raising 2 twin boys completely on her own, she knew as they grew older there were only certain things that she as “mom” could do, and how they really needed that male role model in their lives. She says Zach has shown Hunter what it takes to be a kind, caring and responsible individual, and for that she will be forever grateful.


Big Brother Adam
& Little Brother Dion

Big Brother Adam has been a Big to Deon for over five years and said they had an instant connection, although, they came from different lifestyles. After spending weeks together, Falkenstein said he and Deon began looking at each other as siblings. The real friendship and brotherhood carried into Falkenstein’s marriage. He said it made them closer than ever. Falkenstein, a youth pastor at a church, said Deon treats his wife as a mentor. “As Deon gets older, I will still be there for him,” he said. “This is a relationship I want to continue to carry on. I love being his Big Brother because it does add a richness to my life in a unique kind of way.”


Big Sister Denise
& Little Sister Jamya

Big Sister Denise was introduced to Little Sister Jamya in July of 2016. They became fast friends from the first time they met and their relationship has only gotten better over time. Denise was able to have a good friend of hers provide a tennis clinic for Bigs and Littles last summer at no cost to matches.

The thing that stands out about Denise is how she treats her role as a Big Sister like a job. She makes sure that if she schedules and outing with Jamya, she follows through with it.

Jamya’s mother has said Denise has become part of their family. Since coming into her life, Jamya now has someone to hang out with – all on her own. Jamya’s mom and dad both work full-time jobs so between that and the other 5 other children in the home, Jamya doesn’t always get the one to one attention she needs and deserves. Denise has been able to fill that void and become such a bright spot in Jamya’s life.