There are many ways you can become involved with Bowl For Kids’ Sake! Raise money with the click of a button by registering online. You can also raise money by mailing or faxing us your registration form clearly and completely, and send it on its way!

Start a Bowling Team

Register as a Team Captain at our BFKS Teams Website or using our Mail & Fax Form. Recruit bowlers to join your team and have them register online or by mail/fax.

Join a Team

Once your Team Captain has registered, you can join the team!
Use your team name to register on our BFKS Teams Website or using our Mail & Fax Form.

Join as a "Virtual" Bowler

Can't make it to the event?  You can still join in the fun by registering as a "Virtual" Bowler on our BFKS Teams Website or using our Mail & Fax Form.

Become a Company Coordinator

Help recruit Team Captains from your workplace.

  1. Enjoy special incentives just for Company Coordinators.

  2. You can also start your own team!

  3. Email BFKS at for more details.