Young Professionals Committee

We are a committee with a purpose

The Young Professionals Committee is an association of young up-and-comers who desire opportunities to network, meet new people and build a better Lorain County for children.The members of YPC actively help with community outreach and resource development for Big Brothers Big Sisters while developing leadership skills and making connections with various business and community leaders.

While socializing and networking are a large part of our process, one of the goals of YPC is to have members eventually serve on the board for Big Brothers Big Sisters. We like to have fun while accomplishing big things!

  • YPC provides the initial platform for training individuals in their early 20s to late 30s on charitable service and community involvement and offers a variety of ways for its members to get involved and make a difference.

  • YPC offers its members a way to link their personal passions with professional ambitions.The group drives positive and real change in Lorain County while giving young professionals a chance to change the lives of children for the better, forever.

  • Join YPC to network with other young professionals, advance your career, develop your leadership capabilities and give back to the community — all while having a great time.

  • Make A difference by helping kids facing adversity beat the odds, organizing a benefit for a worthy cause or informing your peers about a pressing issue.YPC provides you with the resources and support to help you make it happen.

  • Get involved and see what all the talk is about. Remember to visit our website often, because upcoming events are constantly being added to our Event Calendar.

Why we do it

Every child deserves a future. There are hundreds of children in our own backyard facing life challenges that we as adults cannot even fathom. Often the only way to help these kids is to have a dedicated, caring individual take the time to listen to them, engage them in fun, healthy activities and show them that they have the potential to achieve happiness and success in the present as well as the future.