Girls Need Mentors Too

Why Your Daughter Needs a Big Sister

We hear it all the time: "My son needs lots of attention. But my daughter's doing fine."

Maybe that's true - parents usually know how their children are doing - but it also denies a young woman the chance to have a great influence in her life: a good friend, someone she can trust and talk to as she goes through the tough teenage years.

Girls tend to be invisible until they get in trouble - if they're not shouting for attention, we think they're doing well. That means that the best chance to solve problems - before they happen - passes too many young girls by.

But since girls do drop out of school, do take drugs, do hang around with gangs. . . since some girls, especially teenage girls, make bad choices. . . it's a good idea to give them the same chances we give boys. Having another caring, responsible adult in their lives makes kids - boys and girls - much less likely to make bad decisions.

Your daughter should have a Big Sister.

Not because she's having problems, but because she deserves the same chances that boys get. Everybody can use another person to look up to.