Community Based Big Brother of the Year

FullSizeRender.jpgAdam was a sophomore in high school in 2006 when he became a Big to his Little Kamieo in the after school program at Westway Gardens in Elyria.  Kamieo is very smart and would quickly complete homework and often become bored.  Adam provided Kamieo with word puzzles and challenging games to keep him engaged and help him to reach his full potential.  When Adam graduated from high school, he remained in the area and decided to roll over into the community based program.

Kamieo and Adam have continued their friendship.  Today, Kamieo is in honors class in high school and into sports.  Adam is a full-time teacher but still always makes time for Kamieo.  Kamieo was a groomsman at Adam’s wedding. Adam continues to be a remarkable, committed, caring Big.