Call for Lunch Buddies

If you came to this website, it's likely you already know the importance of volunteering and the impact a mentoring relationship can have on a child's life (if you don't yet, then stick with us and you'll find out soon enough!).

But who has the time?

If you're short on time but long on the volunteering spirit, then Lunch Buddies is the perfect option for you. Lunch Buddy matches spend about 30 minutes together each week playing games, doing homework or just talking and catching up. You may not think half an hour can make much of a difference, but Lunch Buddies matches are some of the longest-lived in the School Based program, some lasting as many as four or five years!

One difficulty we have with finding Lunch Buddy volunteers is location. Because most volunteers visit their Littles during their lunch break at work, the Little's school needs to be pretty close to the volunteer's workplace. Right now, we are seeking a Lunch Buddy for a young man in fifth grade at Summit Academy in Lorain. We are also looking for a Big Sister for a young lady in fifth grade at Crestwood Elementary in the Elyria School District.

Of course, location isn't the only factor we look at when matching Lunch Buddies -- it's important that a volunteer and Little be compatible with each other in terms of hobbies, personalities and other areas. But if you apply to be a Lunch Buddy and it turns out you're not the perfect match for one of these two great kids, we will work with the school to identify another child who will be a great match for you! We'll be able to grow the Lunch Buddies program and serve even more kids in Lorain County who could use a stable, caring adult mentor in their lives.

So what are you waiting for? Apply now!