Bigs In Blue 
Bigs in Blue is a one-to-one mentoring program that connects youth with police in communities throughout Lorain County, building strong, trusting, lasting relationships. These relationships can help build stronger bonds between law enforcement and the families they serve.Bigs who mentor children can come from various backgrounds and can be (active, retired or training to be a police officer) or civilian volunteers. Click here to learn more.

Lunch Buddies 
Lunch Buddies is a program in which a mentor is matched with an elementary school student to eat lunch once a week during the child's lunch period. This volunteer opportunity is perfect for the busy business professional who may have a flexible work environment and does not want to commit to volunteering on weekends or evenings. This program also works well for college students, retirees, stay-at-home individuals or high school volunteers. Click here to learn more.

Elyria Teens Achieve Sucess
Elyria Teen Achieve Success is a teen mentoring youth program for 9th and 10th-grade students to assist them in transitioning into high school and preparing for the 21st Century careers. The program works to cultivate leadership through giving teens the opportunity to grab a hand and pull others forward by encouraging them to excel and succeed in academics and in life. Click here to become a mentor. 

Big Couples 
Our couples program matches you and your significant other with a child. This program provides the flexibility to have outings with your “Little” both together and/or individually. It is a great way to spend time together while also positively impacting the life of a child.

Mentoring Children Of Prisoners 
Amachi, a Nigerian word of hope from the Ibo people, means "who knows but what God has brought us through this child." Our Amachi Program connects children with role models from all walks of life, but particularly those from local religious organizations.

Mentoring Children Of Military Families 
This program focuses on providing mentors for children in military families. Mentoring isn’t parenting. Bigs can’t fill those shoes, and definitely not those boots. Bigs are just there as a little extra support. Bigs who mentor children from military families can come from various backgrounds and can be military (active or retired) or civilian volunteers.

High School Bigs 
In this program, qualified high school students serve as mentors to an elementary school “Little.” In this one-to-one mentoring program, Littles and Bigs meet once a week with other matches in a group setting at the Littles’ school. This program is facilitated by a Big Brothers Big Sisters team member and has a curriculum designed specifically for this peer-to-peer age group. Topics include academic achievement, bullying, self-esteem and relationship building blocks.

Sports Buddies 
Bigs and Littles participate in agency-supervised and organized match activities including attending and playing team sports. Volunteers commit to spending time with the same child in weekly for lunch or after school. We are now accepting applications for volunteers to mentor kids in the city of Oberlin.