2016 School Based Bigs of the Year

Taylor and Adam

IMG_6598.JPGTaylor and Adam have participated in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Sidekicks after school program for almost two years. Taylor is a senior at Brookside High School and Adam attends fourth grade at Brookside Intermediate.Taylor and Adam have participated in this program for almost two years. 

According to Taylor, “We have the perfect match. We meet once a week after school. I’ve only missed once when I was sick.”

Taylor decided to become a Big Sister because she has always loved children and was considering becoming a teacher. She thought this might help her decide if she would enjoy working with kids.

Taylor commented, “This program and our relationship has met and actually exceeded my expectations.” In the beginning, Adam had some behavior problems.  He would get frustrated and sometimes angry. Even his grandmother, whom he lives with, could not console him. However, Big Sister Taylor stepped right in to help. Taylor was the only person who could calm him down and make him talk about his feelings.

According to Adam’s grandmother, “Adam is like a different person. I am so grateful that Taylor stuck with Adam and helped him through some tough times.”

Taylor said, “I am so proud of Adam.  His grades have improved and so has his behavior both at school and at home.”

When Adam was asked what he liked most about Taylor, he replied, “Everything.  She’s awesome.  She helps me share my feelings, gives me support and we have great talks.  I just wish she was really my sister.”

Taylor laughed and said, “I think it’s good you’re not my sibling.  My brother and I fight all the time.  Our relationship is different.  We have a great friendship, care about each other and have fun.  And we don’t fight.”

Taylor and Adam meet one and a half hours a week at Adam’s school.  They do homework, play games, read together, color and do word finds.  In fact, Adam is teaching Taylor to play checkers.  So far he’s won every game but Taylor is looking forward to the day when she can win.  In the meantime they are just enjoying spending time together.

Taylor commented, “ I don’t know how Big Brothers Big Sisters matched me with Adam but it is the perfect match.  It has been beneficial to both of us.” 

Clarence and Dior

Clarence___dior_2.jpgClarence and Dior are the perfect match. At least that’s what Clarence says.  He and Dior have been in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Sidekicks program for almost two years.

Big Brother Clarence is a junior at Elyria High School and his Little Brother Dior attends Franklin Elementary.  They meet after school for one and a half hours per week. They read, play games and talk.

Clarence commented, “We have so many similar interests. It’s like he’s my real little brother. We even have similar personalities. Clarence is an artist so he’s teaching Dior how to draw and create computer graphics.

Big Brothers Big Sisters carefully matches Bigs and Littles to create lasting and meaningful relationships.  The average match lasts three years.

Clarence actually was in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program growing up and had his own Big Brother. He knows how important it was to him to have this mentor and friend to be there for support and guidance. He decided to give back and become a Big himself.

According to Clarence “This is one of the best things I’ve ever done. I am so proud of Dior. He is so smart and talented and just as important, he is a caring and considerate person. “